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Knowledge for Practice

CFP Board is elevating the academic discipline of financial planning and providing practitioners with cutting-edge knowledge and insights to provide outstanding service to clients.

Academic Research


Financial Planning Review is the profession’s first double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal that features high-quality scholarly research on topics that relate to the financial planning practice, including financial planning, portfolio choice, behavioral finance, household finance, psychology and human decision-making, consumer finance and regulation, human sciences, and financial therapy, literacy and wellness.

DECEMber 7-8, 2023

Academic Research Colloquium

The Academic Research Colloquium is an international meeting of researchers, practitioners, graduate students and leaders of financial planning practice. It provides a forum to gather, share and showcase rigorous, relevant research within financial planning, as well as disciplines that directly or indirectly relate to the financial planning body of knowledge or financial planning practice.

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Inside the client mind.

Psychology of Financial Planning

CFP Board has published a book and practitioner resource guide to help CFP® professionals and candidates for CFP® certification deepen their understanding of the Psychology of Financial Planning Principal Knowledge Domain that is covered by Registered Programs, assessed on the CFP® exam and accepted for continuing education credit.

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Book Series

These books add to the profession’s body of knowledge by exploring both new and traditional subjects within and beyond financial planning. Published by Wiley, the series consists of Communication Essentials for Financial Planners: Strategies and Techniques (2017) and Client Psychology (2018).