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Why Get Certified

For Career Changers

You're Worth It.

A career as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional can give you the future you deserve — and help you give others the same. If you're considering a career in financial planning, earning your CFP® certification gets you on the path to a rewarding career in a rapidly growing field.

Benefits of Becoming a CFP® Professional

Here are a few reasons why earning your CFP® certification is well worth the investment.


Experienced financial advisors earn on average, $192,000 a year.*


of CFP® professionals say they are satisfied with their decision to pursue CFP® certification.


say CFP® certification has directly contributed to their success.

There's so much transformation in one's life when they get their finances together. It's a great feeling because I know I helped them get there.
Brittney Castro
CFP® Professional

Tips for Career Changers

Most people change careers at least 3 times in their lifetime. Here are some ways you can position yourself for success along your path to becoming a CFP® professional.

  1. Know what transferable skills you have to offer your future employer. In the case of financial planning, there are several key skills that you've probably developed at previous jobs, including communication/interpersonal, analytical, relationship management, marketing and project management.
  2. Become a “superfan” of the field. Learn all about the financial planning profession by subscribing to industry publications, joining professional associations and attending conferences/social events.
  3. Network with professionals in the field. Informational interviews are a great way to learn about the field and build your list of contacts. Who knows – you may even find a mentor or a new connection that leads to a job.
  4. Have a solid job search strategy and be flexible. A well thought-out plan for job searching will minimize frustration and increase your chances of landing interviews. Initially, it’s important to focus on the areas that offer more jobs in your field, and also be creative and flexible in your search. 

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