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CFP Board

For Education Partners

CFP Board partners with colleges and universities across to register financial planning programs that train the next generation of competent, ethical CFP® professionals. CFP Board also collaborates with continuing education sponsors to ensure the ongoing competency of CFP® professionals through continuing education requirements. 


Continuing Education Sponsors

Continuing Education (CE) Sponsors offer programs that CFP® professionals are required to take to maintain CFP® certification. We are always seeking new partners to help us offer diversity in content, format and delivery. Work with us to reach nearly 100,000 CFP® professionals nationwide.

CFP Board requires CFP® professionals to complete 28 hours of general CE every 2 years, and 2 hours of CFP Board-approved Ethics CE. Most CFP® professionals complete 94% of their required CE through a CE Programs registered with CFP Board by CE Sponsors.


We're always looking to grow our network of education partners. Reach more candidates across the U.S. and help diversify the profession. By joining our network of education providers, you also help to ensure that the public has access to financial planning that puts their interests first.