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The CFP® certification marks identify professionals who have met the high standards of competency and ethics established and enforced by CFP Board. However, if you've allowed your certification to lapse and wish to reinstate your standing to use the CFP® certification marks, please complete the form below to initiate the reinstatement process.

CFP Board will respond, using the email address provided in this form, with instructions and due dates related to the next steps in the process. Expect this response within 3 business days of this form submission.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Has your contact information changed since you were last actively certified?
If yes, would you like us to update your CFP Board account with this new information?
Do you need a password reset to access your account via

Reinstatement Acknowledgements

To ensure this reinstatement process is smooth and timely, it is important that you understand what will be expected of you. To acknowledge the key elements of the reinstatement process, please check the box next to each statement below to signal your understanding of the reinstatement requirements.

These acknowledgements will serve as your attestation of the general terms and conditions governing the CFP Board reinstatement process. If any box is left unchecked your Intent to Reinstate will not be accepted.

Check each box to acknowledge the Terms of Reinstatement