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MORE WAYS TO Display Your CFP® Marks 

Show off your accomplishment and hard work of becoming a CFP® professional by displaying the marks to clients, colleagues, friends and family. You can remind clients of your qualification and certification with the pens or pad folio you use in meetings or with a simple desk paperweight or pen cup. Show colleagues your achievement with a coffee mug, water bottle or backpack for the office. New products will be released regularly. For questions about current or upcoming products, email

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CFP® professional merchandise is created with you in mind. We have mugs and water bottles, power banks, notebooks and pens, backpacks and totes, hats, shirts and more to help you show your pride in earning the standard of excellence in financial planning.

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Proudly display your CFP® certification with a custom frame. Designed for CFP® professionals, eco-friendly frames are custom made for CFP® certification certificates and feature black and gold double matting embossed with the CFP® marks.

Available in two finishes and two sizes to fit large or small certificates.

Want to showcase your certification at home and at the office? Need a smaller certificate? Order additional CFP® certification certificates in two sizes through your CFP Board account.

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