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CFP Board Emeritus® Membership

The CFP Board Emeritus® membership program is designed to recognize the long standing service of individuals who are no longer practicing financial planning and want to stay affiliated with the CFP® professional community. Membership requires having held CFP® certification for 25 years or more and no public disciplinary actions.


Benefits of CFP Board Emeritus®

For years, CFP Board has heard from CFP® professionals who are rightfully proud of their achievements and contributions and want to remain affiliated with the recognized standard for financial planning, even as they conclude their financial planning practices and transition into retirement.

The CFP Board Emeritus® membership program is designed for these individuals who are no longer practicing financial planning, and who want to stay affiliated with the CFP® professional community and be recognized for their long standing service to the profession.

Recognition — CFP Board Emeritus® membership reflects your years of service and commitment to the profession and entitles you to use the CFP Board Emeritus® Collective Membership Mark.

CFP Board Updates — Regular communications from CFP Board and the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning will keep you updated on the latest news about our work to advance the profession for the public’s benefit.

Volunteer Opportunities — CFP Board Emeritus® members have many opportunities to stay involved with CFP Board in meaningful and rewarding ways, including volunteering on various councils and advisory committees.

CFP Board Emeritus® Membership Card — With your membership confirmation letter, you will receive a card recognizing you as a CFP Board Emeritus® member.


Eligibility for CFP Board Emeritus® Membership 

Eligibility for the CFP Board Emeritus® membership program requires the following:

  • Have been a CFP® professional for at least 25 years or more.
  • Do not have an active CFP® certification.
  • No public discipline by CFP Board or by a federal, state, local, or foreign government agency, self-regulatory organization, or other regulatory authority.
  • No engagement in financial services activities that qualify for CFP Board’s Experience requirement, with the exception of pro bono work, part-time teaching, and speaking and publishing to promote the profession on a part-time basis.
  • No current financial services licenses or registrations.
  • Commitment to supporting, promoting, and advocating for CFP® certification, CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, and the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning.
  • Complete the CFP Board Emeritus® Membership Ethics Declaration.
  • Have not engaged in conduct that reflects adversely on his or her integrity or fitness for Collective Membership.
  • Pay the annual $95 membership fee.

How to Apply for CFP Board Emeritus®

If you meet the above criteria, you can submit your application for CFP Board Emeritus® membership through your CFP Board account. Log into your CFP Board account to find the CFP Board Emeritus® membership information and application, or email to request access to the application. Applications require paying the $95 membership fee.

In your account, you will need to acknowledge your status as a former CFP® professional, no longer practicing in financial services.

Get Started Today for CFP Board
Emeritus® Membership

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