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While 2019 is set to be a transformative year for wealth management, savvy industry players won't be content with keeping abreast of new developments. They'll be spearheading change themselves.... To help you prepare for a year of heady change, we've created a cheat sheet of key industry leaders to keep an eye on in 2019. 

1. CFP Board

The CFP Board will be under scrutiny in 2019 as changes to the board's new code of ethics and standards go into effect Oct. 1.
Among the most influential alterations, the board has expanded the scope of a fiduciary requirement for CFP® professionals, requiring them to act in a client's best interest at all times when providing financial advice.

The new standards will ripple throughout the planning industry, as the CFP® designation has become a must-have for many professionals. Almost 82,000 financial advisors and other professionals bold the designation in the U.S., according to the CFP Board...

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Financial Planning
December 19, 2018