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The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning is repackaging its “I am a CFP® Pro” education campaign, launched in 2017, to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience.

Visitors to the website can view "A Day in the Life" videos featuring people who work as financial planners, including Matt Aaron Jr., the founder of Aaron Financial, a financial planning practice in Washington, D.C., affiliated with Northwestern Mutual.

In the videos, Aaron and the others tell visitors why they should pursue a career in financial planning. The site also provides visitors with the resources they need to learn more about a career in financial planning.

CFP Board CEO Kevin R. Keller praised Aaron for his efforts to interest a new generation in a career as a financial planner.

“He’s used his training, knowledge and CFP® certification to help others, while also building a successful career for himself,” Keller said…. 

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Financial Advisor
By Joyce Blay
February 22, 2019