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2020 Annual Report 
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The events of 2020 presented major challenges that impacted nearly every aspect of daily life, but they also underscored critical needs and key opportunities for the financial planning profession. Inspired by these events, the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning redoubled our commitment to building a more diverse and sustainable profession that can meet the public’s growing and evolving needs for financial planning advice.

Our 2020 Annual Report shares the important progress we made toward advancing that mission in the past year. The report provides an overview of the initiatives and partnerships undertaken by the Center in three priority areas:

  • Talent Pipeline:Cultivating a quality workforce to ensure the profession can recruit and retain the talent it needs to grow.
  • Diversity and Inclusion:Fostering a more diverse financial planner workforce that better reflects the United States’ changing demographics.
  • Knowledge for Practice:Elevating financial planning as a recognized academic discipline while providing practitioners with cutting-edge knowledge to thrive.

The Annual Report also acknowledges the many corporate sponsors, individual donors and volunteers who make our work possible through their generous contributions of time and resources. We remain grateful for their dedication to the financial planning profession and their commitment to the Center’s vision of ensuring that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice.