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The Roadmap to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (Roadmap) is a tool that CFP® professionals and their firms may use to develop a practical understanding of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct ("Code and Standards").

watch as cfp board discusses the roadmap to the code and standards
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The Roadmap provides an overview of the structure and content of the Code and Standards and contains five guidance resources that CFP Board developed to assist CFP® professionals and their firms with implementing the Code and Standards:

  1. The Financial Advice Engagements Disclosure Guide;
  2. The Financial Planning Engagements Disclosure Guide;
  3. The Practice Standards Reference Guide;
  4. The Financial Advice Engagements Compliance Guide; and
  5. The Financial Planning Engagements Compliance Guide.

Filled with graphics and images, the Roadmap serves as a handy-reference guide for CFP® professionals and their firms. It is not intended to replace the Code and Standards. Rather, it is meant to complement the full Code and Standards document.


Download the Roadmap to the Code and Standards

Access More Guidance Materials

This compliance resource is part of a full library of resources that CFP® professionals can use to comply with the Code and Standards. More guidance materials can be found in our Compliance Resources Library.

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