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Registered Programs

Submit Student Eligibility Information

Completion of the coursework requirement through a CFP Board Registered Program is to be reported by the school through the Education Verification System to verify your students' eligibility for the exam.

As a CFP Board Registered Program, you must report completion of the coursework requirement on behalf of your students to CFP Board. This verifies their eligibility to sit for the CFP® exam and allows us to track their progress towards CFP® certification.

Completion of a candidate's coursework requirement through a registered program is to be reported by the school through the education verification system. This can be done through the CFP Board account of the program’s director and primary or secondary contact using the template below. Important tips for formatting and uploading your eligibility list are provided in the tip sheet. A template release form has been provided that can be customized with your school's logo in order to collect the necessary information to complete your students' uploads.

Template for Eligibility List Uploads

Template Personal Information Release Form

Tip Sheet for Using the Education Verification System

Log In To Access the Education Verification System

Candidates who complete the coursework requirement through multiple registered programs or through the Accelerated Path will self-report their coursework completion. These students should not be reported through the Education Verification System if they have not completed all of the program courses registered with CFP Board. More information about self-reporting eligibility documentation for Accelerated Path can be found here.

For assistance with this process, contact 202-379-2208 or