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Active CFP Board CE Sponsors are encouraged to submit a request to deliver CFP Board-approved Ethics program. Instructions for submitting a request to offer Ethics CE are detailed below.

Those CE Sponsors with a Learning Management System meeting the delivery criteria are eligible to offer the self-study version of the program.

Program requests will be reviewed as they are received. Once the program is approved, the curriculum package will be available through the CFP Board Ethics CE link in your portal.

Submit your Program Request for CFP Board Ethics

Please follow these steps to submit your request for CFP Board Ethics materials:

  1. Review the CE Sponsor Terms and Conditions
  2. Log into your CE Sponsor Portal; click Add Program
  3. Add or copy & paste the following information for each required field:

Program Name, Description and Learning Objectives

Program Name: <Insert Your Program Title>

(Copy & Paste) Description: This program fulfills the requirement for CFP Board approved Ethics CE. It has been designed to educate CFP® professionals on CFP Board's new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct effective October 1, 2019.

(Copy & Paste) Learning Objectives:

By the end of this program, the participant should be equipped to:

LO 1: Understand the structure and content of the revised Code and Standards, including significant changes from prior rules.

LO 2: Describe CFP Board’s Fiduciary Duty.

LO 3: Identify Material Conflicts of Interest and How to Avoid, or Fully Disclose, Obtain Informed Consent, and Manage Them.

LO 4: Understand the Duty to Report to CFP Board and the Duty to Cooperate.

LO 5: Identify the Practice Standards When Providing Financial Advice that Requires Financial Planning or Financial Planning.

LO 6: Understand the Duty to Provide Information to Clients When Providing Financial Planning and/or Financial Advice.

(Select) Primary Principle Knowledge Topic: Professional Conduct and Regulation

(Select) Level of Complexity: Intermediate

Enter the following information for Live or Self-Study

Method of Delivery




Select Sub-type

(Select) Traditional Course

Program Window

01/01/current year – 12/31/current year

01/01/current year – 12/31/current year

Program Lifecycle

Current and future years

Current and future years

This is an Ethics program

Check the box

Check the box

Initial Offering Date



Self-Study Word Count


(Add) 20,000

Recorded Material


(Add) 0

# of Assessment Questions


(Add) 20

Start Date



end date



Program URL









# Minutes

(Add) 120


Primary author/instructor

Provide instructor(s) name and CFP Board ID

(Enter) CFP Board

CFP Board ID: 000000


Program Fee

Pay the Program Fee: $250 Non-Profit; $500 For-Profit

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us at

Additional Resources

Read the Ethic CE program requirements.

To ensure you clearly understand the obligations in providing CFP Board approved Ethics CE and that you correctly submit your program request, please use this checklist as a guide.

Additional Resources for Ethics CE Sponsors can be found on our resources page.