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The Capstone course is a comprehensive financial plan development course created to enhance your knowledge, skills and abilities. This requirement was implemented in 2012 to assess your ability to deliver professional and competent financial planning services to the public.

Who is required to take the capstone course?

  • Students of CFP Board Registered Programs whose dates of initial enrollment occur on or after January 1, 2012*
  • Students who complete the coursework requirement through multiple CFP Board Registered Programs are required to complete the Capstone, even if they enrolled in their coursework before January 1, 2012.
  • Candidates who qualify for Accelerated Path are required to take the Capstone course, or complete the Capstone Alternative, if their first sitting for the exam is March 2012 or later.

*Students who enrolled in a registered program before January 1, 2012 and maintained continuous enrollment in a single program of study at one institution are not required to take the Capstone course.

Capstone FAQs

The Capstone course should be completed at the end of your program of study, as the course requires integration and application of content across all Principal Knowledge Topic areas.

All CFP Board Registered Programs include the required Capstone course. Some registered programs allow Accelerated Path candidates to take the Capstone course without enrolling in a full program of study. Use our search tool to find CFP Board Registered Programs that allow this enrollment option. Be sure to contact the program directly for information on the dates and times of their Capstone course offerings.

The Capstone Alternative option is available to candidates who are eligible for Accelerated Path and who also meet CFP Board's experience requirement. These individuals can satisfy the Capstone course requirement through an approved Capstone Alternative provider.

Learn more about the Capstone Alternative