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About the Exam

Exam Format

The CFP® exam is a computer-based exam consisting of 170 multiple-choice questions over the course of two 3-hour sessions. Each section of the exam is divided into two distinct subsections.

The CFP® exam consists of 170 multiple-choice questions addressing areas included in the Principal Knowledge Topics. You will answer 3 different question types: stand-alone questions, short scenarios and case studies.

Question Types

Stand-alone Questions Short Scenario Questions   Case Study Questions
Stand-alone questions are typically 2-3 sentences long, with 4 answer options to select from. Scenario-based questions are associated with multiple exam questions  typically 3 questions per scenario. You will see the scenario on the left side of the screen, with one question at a time shown on the right side of the screen. Case study questions are like scenario-based questions but longer, with the case study scenario cover several pages, and typically 8-12 questions per case study.

Test Time

You will be able to move through the exam at your own pace within each 3-hour test section. Three hours are provided for the first 85 questions and another 3 hours for the last 85 questions. Each section is subdivided into two subsections. Candidates may take an optional unscheduled break after question 43 of the first subsection.

You will also be able to take a 40-minute break in between sections, as well as any unscheduled breaks, as needed.

CFP Board Practice Exam

A full-length, 170-question Practice Exam is available from CFP Board. The Practice Exam includes questions retired from previous exams, as well as some newer questions based on current content. Although these actual questions will not appear on any future CFP® exam, they are typical of the types of questions asked and represent the full range of topic areas cover on the current exam.

The CFP Board Practice Exam (a $249 value) is complimentary with your CFP® exam registration.

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