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What Makes a Good Exam Strategy?

Elements of a successful exam strategy can include:

  • Understanding the exam. Gaining a solid understanding of the exam format and its components and knowledge areas will help you outline a study plan.
  • Developing a study plan. Outline a realistic plan that gives you adequate time for learning and reviewing the information related to the major topics on the exam.
  • Creating a supportive environment. Find a study space free from distractions. In addition, reach out to your work place and family for support and understanding of your priorities and needs during this time.
  • Taking practice exams. Incorporating practice tests and learning from practice questions is an essential part of a CFP® exam study plan.
  • Finding a review course. Like many exam takers, you may find that a review course can help you incorporate the knowledge from your certification coursework into an approach to the questions on the exam.

get prepared:

Use these tactics and tips to help you get prepared for exam day. 

Exam Day Strategies

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