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About the Working Group

The Retirement Issues Working Group (RIWG) is comprised of respected retirement expert Fred Reish of Drinker Biddle and 11 distinguished CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals from various business models and geographic areas. The Working Group was created to examine retirement issues in America, knowing that CFP® professionals often work with Americans either saving for retirement or in their retirement years.

RIWG Participants:

Purpose and Issues

It is widely accepted in policy circles that America faces a retirement crisis. There is concern about the consequences of insufficient retirement savings for individuals, families and the nation, as more Americans are expected to manage their own retirement savings plans, and as American are living longer. Many of those who have saved are concerned they will outlive their money in retirement because they lack the necessary tools to safely spend their nest eggs. There is an overwhelming sense that that our retirement system has serious gaps around coverage and adequacy, and that these issues tend to be addressed in only a fragmented way.

To address these challenges, CFP Board, under the leadership of respected retirement expert Fred Reish of Drinker Biddle, convened its panel of 11 CFP® professionals to form the RIWG. These RIWG participants currently serve a diverse group of clients in terms of age, income and accumulated assets. They bring to the discussion a wealth of practical experience that reflects a broad range of issues faced by many CFP® professionals, who collectively work with millions of Americans either saving for retirement or in their retirement years.

Report on the U.S. Retirement System

Based on input from the RIWG, Mr. Reish will draft a final report on findings about the U.S. retirement system. The report will provide a holistic sense of what currently works, where there are gaps in coverage and products, and how those gaps might be filled with recommended services and products. The report will also include Mr. Reish's policy recommendations on how our retirement system could be improved and what role CFP Board can play. The report will be delivered to CFP Board as a thought leadership piece to be shared with policymakers and others.

NOTE: The views expressed by the RIWG participants are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of their employer.

RIWG Report on the U.S. Retirement System

A final report will be produced on the findings of the Retirement Issues Working Group and shared here. Check back soon for more details.