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Why I Became a CFP® Professional: An Interview with Jillian Nell, CFP®

Part of CFP Board’s Certificant Connections Podcast Series

March 06, 2019

There are many reasons to become a financial planner. For some it’s the creativity, for others it’s the fulfillment in helping a client achieve their goals. But to those on the outside, financial planning can seem like a daunting career to pursue.

Jillian Nel, CFP®, speaks about what led her down the path toward becoming a financial planner. Jillian discusses some of the reasons why she loves being a CFP® (including the flexible work/life balance), offers tips for those looking to get into the field and addresses the misperceptions about what it takes to be successful.


Why CFP® Certification Matters
Build your future while helping others build theirs.

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