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Research conducted by Heart + Mind Strategies was commissioned by CFP Board in support of our Public Awareness Campaign. The study was designed to help us better understand sentiments about how a CFP® professional provides benefits to consumers’ lives. Research supporting the campaign reveals that people benefit from help with financial planning, and they exhibit specific emotional benefits from doing so with a CFP® professional.

Key findings include:

  • CFP® professionals act as partners, navigators, and counselors to the consumers who work with them. Their customers describe them as professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • A large majority of consumers would prefer to work with a CFP® professional, and those working with a CFP® professional are more satisfied.
  • Working with a CFP® professional ultimately removes the negativity consumers experience relating to their finances and instead elicits feelings of confidence, optimism, ease and security.

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Managing personal finances is stressful. Partnering with a CFP® professional provides a roadmap toward confidence and feeling at ease.