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Important Update: Continued Efforts to Promote Accurate Compensation Disclosures to the Public

May 21, 2014

On May 21, 2014, CFP Board sent an email to CFP® professionals announcing additional steps it is taking to facilitate compliance with the compensation disclosure rules and definitions in its Standards of Professional Conduct and to promote the availability of accurate information to the public.

These steps include a systematic review of compensation information on its “Find a CFP® Professional” tool, and an option for firms, whose business model or structure would preclude such CFP® professionals from identifying themselves as “fee only” under our Standards, to instruct CFP Board to “block” their CFP® professionals from stating that they are “fee only” on our “Find” tool.

To maintain CFP® certification as the recognized standard, CFP Board has put in place an array of compliance resources to assist CFP® professionals, including a compliance checklist, frequently asked question documents, compliance guidelines, sample disclosure forms, webinars, and the opportunity to seek individualized guidance as to the application of our Standards of Professional Conduct to specific facts and circumstances.

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