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CFP® Professionals: Apply for CFP Board’s Ambassador Program Through August 18

June 29, 2014

Since 2011, the CFP Board Ambassador Program has helped CFP Board increase public understanding of the importance of financial planning and working with a CFP® professional.

The CFP Board Ambassador program is powered by the contributions of a group of CFP® professionals acting on behalf of CFP Board in their local communities and with national news media. CFP Board Ambassadors are responsible for promoting CFP Board’s mission and increasing awareness of CFP® certification at a local level, in their own communities and regions. CFP Board Ambassadors may act as liaisons with their local media, participate in leadership initiatives and community-building events on behalf of CFP Board, or meet with local policymakers to promote CFP Board’s public policy positions.

The success of the CFP Board Ambassador program has been substantial, with Ambassadors highlighting CFP® certification in national publications such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, as well as in their local communities. We have seen tangible benefits not only for the CFP® professionals involved as CFP Board Ambassadors, but for the CFP® professional community at large.

Given the success of the program, we are seeking to broaden our local reach as well as expand areas of financial planning expertise represented by program participants. A limited number of additional CFP® professionals will be accepted into the program, and special training and resources will be made available to all participants.

CFP Board will be accepting applications to the CFP Board Ambassador program through August 18. To learn more and to apply, visit

Our profession is dedicated to helping people. If you have a true passion for the profession and want to contribute in a meaningful way to increasing public awareness of the importance of working with CFP® professionals, we encourage you to consider applying.