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News Release

CFP Board Discloses Bankruptcies by CFP® Professionals

October 02, 2014

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. announces today the names of CFP® professionals who have declared bankruptcy within the last five years and, under rules that took effect July 1, 2012, are not subject to disciplinary procedures but will have their bankruptcy disclosed.

CFP Board does not investigate, and the Disciplinary and Ethics Commission does not adjudicate, bankruptcy-only cases. Rather, CFP Board verifies the bankruptcy and notes the bankruptcy filing on the CFP® professional’s public profile, which is available through the search functions on CFP Board’s website. CFP Board will also share with consumers and other stakeholders who contact CFP Board regarding a CFP® professional’s certification status the information in the CFP® professional’s public profile, including identifying whether the CFP® professional has filed bankruptcy. All disclosures regarding a bankruptcy filed by a CFP® professional will remain on CFP Board’s website for 10 years from the earlier of the date the CFP® professional disclosed the bankruptcy to CFP Board or the date CFP Board became aware of the bankruptcy.

The public may review an individual’s bankruptcy information and certification status with CFP Board at For more detail regarding a CFP® professional’s bankruptcy filing, please visit the U.S. Court’s Public Access to Court Electronic Records (“PACER”) website, which can be found at Please note that you will be required to register and pay a nominal fee to view the information.

This disclosure of these names is made pursuant to CFP Board’s rules regarding single-bankruptcy cases and covers the second quarter of 2014. The release of the information below does not constitute discipline of these individuals and is provided only for purpose of providing consumers with adequate information to make an informed decision with regard to engaging a CFP® professional to assist with financial decisions. 

 Name Location State Bankruptcy Type  Filing Date 
Mr. Jonathan Burns, CFP® Madison WI Business Feb-13
Ms. Catherine Clark, CFP® Chicago IL Personal Aug-12
Mr. Phillip Q. Couture, CFP® Tampa FL Personal Feb-10
Mr. Michel S. Dawson, CFP® Phoenix AZ Personal Jul-09
Ms. Karen K. Demgen, CFP® Denver CO Personal May-10
Mr. Daniel Derepentigny, CFP® Sacramento CA Personal Apr-14
Mr. Richard A. Earls, Sr., CFP®  Cincinnati OH Personal Oct-13
Ms. Jennifer L. Griffin, CFP® Detroit MI Personal Jan-14
Mr. Michael T. Kuczinski, CFP® Trenton NJ Personal Mar-13
Mr. Alan R. Lew, CFP® Chicago IL Personal Nov-12
Mr. John Michael Mazzara, CFP® Minneapolis MN Personal Mar-09
Mrs. Phyllis R. Miller, CFP® Hartford CT Personal Jun-12
Ms. Debra L. Nelson, CFP® Charleston SC Personal Jan-12
Mr. Ryan Thomas Roach, CFP® Palm Beach  FL Personal Dec-13
Ms. Heather Innis Sadique, CFP® San Jose CA Personal Dec-10
Mr. Jason A. Schall, CFP® Charleston SC Personal Apr-13
Mr. Michael A. Tankersley, CFP® Decatur AL Personal Sep-11
Mrs. Bridget Vaughn, CFP®  Chicago IL Personal Jan-14
Mr. Michael Welger, CFP® Trenton NJ Personal Feb-14
Mr. Alexander Zourides, CFP® Central Islip NY Personal Jan-13