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Coming Soon: CFP Board Career Center

November 18, 2014

CFP Board is preparing to launch a new online Career Center in early 2015 that will serve as the destination for those interested in a career as a financial advisor, the CFP® certification and job and internship opportunities.

CFP Board is in a unique position to build a bridge between firms that are hiring and those who are seeking positions in the financial advising industry. CFP Board has connections to more than 70,000 CFP® professionals in the U.S. plus relationships with more than 200 CFP Board-Registered Education programs that graduate financial planning students each year. As part of their efforts to help bridge the gap between financial advisors and talent, Fidelity Institutional is serving as the exclusive founding sponsor of the Career Center.

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Interested in posting a job in CFP Board’s Career Center? You can start posting open positions now and take advantage of a special introductory offer.  For more details, contact us at