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News Release

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Expands Ambassador Program to 50 Ambassadors

December 10, 2014

CFP Board Ambassadors Serve as Resource for Their Communities and Media

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its corps of volunteer CFP Board Ambassadors to 50 with the addition of 28 new Ambassadors who will serve as a resource for their local communities, the media and within the financial planning profession.

“These new CFP Board Ambassadors have demonstrated that they are already serving their local communities by sharing their wealth of talent and expertise in financial planning,” said CFP Board CEO Kevin R. Keller, CAE. “CFP Board is gratified that they will be joining our existing volunteers in educating the public and the media about how CFP® professionals and financial planning can help consumers achieve their financial goals.”

The CFP Board Ambassador program initially began in 2010 with seven Ambassadors in seven regions in the U.S., with new Ambassadors coming on board since then. With these additional ambassadors, the CFP Board Ambassador program will now cover a total of 38 regions throughout the country.

CFP Board Ambassadors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals who will serve as representatives of CFP Board in their local communities. They were chosen based on their demonstrated leadership skills, passion for the financial planning profession and commitment to CFP Board’s mission to serve the public.

“Expanding the Ambassador program allows CFP Board to not only broaden the program’s reach geographically, but also add volunteers who offer special expertise in niche areas of financial planning,” said CFP Board Consumer Advocate Eleanor Blayney, CFP®. As Consumer Advocate, Eleanor plays a lead role in working with the CFP Board Ambassadors to increase awareness of the CFP® certification among both consumers and advisors.

The new CFP Board Ambassadors are:

  • Spencer Betts, CFP®, Boston  
  • Douglas A. Boneparth, CFP®, New York  
  • J.J. Burns, CFP®, Long Island (NY)  
  • Cary Carbonaro, CFP®, Long Island (NY)  
  • Cheryl Costa, CFP®, Boston  
  • Carina Diamond, CFP®, Akron (OH)
  • Jeanne Fisher, CFP®, Louisville (KY)  
  • Karl Frank, CFP®, Denver  
  • Shannah Game, CFP®, Los Angeles 
  • Felicia Gopaul, CFP®, Orange County (CA)  
  • Otto Guardado, CFP®, Portland (OR)   
  • Michael Guillemette, Ph.D., CFP®, Columbia (MO)  
  • Sarah Halpin, CFP®, Portland (ME)
  • Kate Holmes, CFP®, Las Vegas
  • Troy E. Jones, Oklahoma City
  • Brad Ledwith, CFP®, Silicon Valley (CA)
  • Kevin Luss, CFP®, Long Island (NY)  
  • Robert Pagliarini, CFP®, Orange County (CA) 
  • Steven Podnos, MD, CFP®, Cocoa Beach (FL)  
  • Marty Reid, Ph.D, CFP®, Charlotte (NC)
  • Steve Repak, CFP®, Charlotte (NC)
  • Charles Bennett Sachs, CFP®, Miami
  • Robert Schmansky, CFP®, Detroit   
  • Bill Schretter, CFP®, Dayton (OH)  
  • Shashin Shah, CFP®, Dallas
  • Larry Stein, CFP®, Chicago  
  • Scott Ward, CFP®, Birmingham (AL)  
  • James Watkins, III, JD, CFP®, Atlanta  

A full listing of CFP Board Ambassadors, along with their bios, is available at