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Recorded Webinar: What to Expect from the CFP® Exam Experience - November 2016

September 15, 2016

The CFP® Certification Examination is designed to assess your ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real-life financial planning situations.

Presented by CFP Board's Isabelle Gonthier, Director of Examinations, and Josh Hinman, Examinations Administrator, this recorded webinar covers:

  • Updates for the November 2016 CFP® exam;
  • The online exam registration process with CFP Board;
  • Scheduling your testing appointment with Prometric;
  • The full exam day experience, including the check-in process; and
  • Interpreting your preliminary and final exam results.

They also address some frequently asked questions from attendees regarding the exam day experience.

View the Webinar

Details about the important updates that were implemented for the CFP® Certification Examination in 2016 are available at

Additional CFP® exam resources from CFP Board – including the examinee agreement, the tax tables and formulas provided with the exam booklet, and sample exam questions – are available at

If you have questions about the CFP® exam, please contact CFP Board at 800-487-1497 or