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New Experience Profile Tool Allows Candidates for CFP® Certification to Report Experience Anytime

November 13, 2016

Candidates on the path to CFP® certification no longer need to wait until after passing the CFP® exam to report their professional experience to CFP Board and make progress toward completing the Experience requirement.  Candidates can now report experience anytime, using a new, improved Experience Profile tool now available in candidates’ online CFP Board accounts, accessible by clicking on the Experience section within the CFP® Certification Tracker.

The new Experience Profile tool allows candidates to:

  • Enter new experience,
  • Review previously submitted entries,
  • Update hours for current positions, and
  • See at a glance the remaining hours balance needed to complete the Experience requirement.

Brief online tutorials are also available to walk candidates through the new experience reporting process.

Because CFP Board grants experience credit only for experience completed within 10 years before and five years after successful completion of the CFP® exam, experience submissions that meet CFP Board’s standards are initially listed in the new Experience Profile with a “Provisionally Accepted” status. After final CFP® exam results are released verifying a candidate has successfully passed the exam, the “Provisionally Accepted” status will change to “Accepted,” and an email notification will be sent with instructions guiding the candidate through the next step of the certification process.

Encourage your colleagues interested in CFP® certification to create or visit their CFP Board account to take their next steps toward becoming certified.  Whether one is just beginning to consider a career in personal financial planning or is completing the final classes of a CFP Board-Registered Program, creating a secure online account with CFP Board is the first step toward achieving CFP® certification –  the highest standard in personal financial planning.

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Because CFP® certification indicates to the public your ability to provide financial planning without supervision, CFP Board requires you to have experience in the personal financial planning process. Qualifying experience includes activities involving the delivery of financial planning services to individual clients. Whether you engage with clients directly, supervise or support the financial planning process, teach finance-related courses, or participate in internships or the FPA Residency Program, there are many paths to completing the experience requirement. Report experience activities and responsibilities that reflect your financial planning knowledge and competencies.

For additional details, please contact the Experience Department directly at

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Different Paths to Fulfilling the Experience Requirement

There are many ways to attain the experience required for CFP® certification. Hear some CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals talk about their path to CFP® certification in this new video.