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CFP Board's Re-Entry Program for Women Shows Signs of Success

December 06, 2018 ThinkAdvisor

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards’ Re-Entry Initiative, intended to allow women to re-enter the workforce as financial planners and to boost the number of female CFP[® professionals], is showing signs of success.

Launched in the spring of 2017, the Financial Planner Re-Entry Initiative (FPRI) was spawned by the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning and is conducted in partnership with the career re-entry consultant iRelaunch.

The FPRI supports financial services firms in establishing re-entry programs for experienced professionals seeking to return to the workforce in financial planning positions, explains the just-released white paper Financial Planner Re-Entry Initiative: Career Path for Professional Women in Financial Planning.

These professionals are mostly women who have taken a career break, generally to raise their families.

“The FPRI is modeled after programs that have proven successful in attracting more experienced, educated and qualified talent to address today’s hiring demands for firms in other areas of financial services, as well as in the engineering and technology sectors,” explained Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis, executive director of the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning.

“The early conclusion is that re-entry internships can be an effective way of transitioning mid- to senior-career, mostly female professionals, back into the workforce in the financial planning profession after a multi-year career break,” according to the white paper.

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By Melanie Waddell
December 6, 2018