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Latest Certificant Connections Podcast: Conversation with Susan John, CFP®, 2019 Chair of CFP Board

May 20, 2019


The latest episode of CFP Board’s Certificant Connections Podcast series features guest Susan John, CFP®, 2019 Chair of CFP Board. This episode is about big-picture issues that CFP Board is looking at, including client psychology, CFP Board’s wide variety of programs, plans for the future and the upcoming Board of Directors meeting.

Certificant Connections is a podcast powered by CFP Board, the professional standards-setting body for more than 84,000 CFP® professionals nationwide.

In each episode, CFP Board discusses the latest news in the financial planning profession, takes a deep dive into key topics, and answers your questions. Listen to the podcast on your favorite app from the links above, or download the podcast library.

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