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How to Hire a Financial Planner You Trust

By Sandra Block, Ryan Ermey August 10, 2020 Kiplinger

CFP Board CEO Kevin Keller joins our Your Money's Worth podcast to offer best practices for hiring a financial planner. Also, our hosts Ryan Ermey and Sandy Block discuss the nationwide coin shortage and the basics of hedging for inflation.

Ryan Ermey: Amid current economic chaos you may be considering financial advice, but who should you hire? How much should you pay them? And how do you know they're on the up and up? I sit down with CFP Board CEO Kevin Keller to get answers to these questions and more in our main segment. On today's show Sandy geeks out over a nationwide coin shortage and I delve deep into the ins and outs of inflation. That's all ahead on this episode of Your Money's Worth. Stick around.


Ryan Ermy & Sandra Block
August 10, 2020