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CFP’s Spring Advertising Campaign Focuses on Retirement Planning

By Mark Schoeff Jr. March 29, 2021 InvestmentNews

The CFP Board has spent $10 million each year on the campaign since its launch in 2011. The campaign is funded by an additional $12 per month that is added to the annual CFP certification fee.

If you watch TV between now and Memorial Day, you may see an advertisement featuring a senior couple turning to a certified financial planner for help with managing their retirement finances.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. launched another round of advertising on Monday in a multi-million-dollar public awareness campaign that has been ongoing for a decade.

The organization, which grants the CFP credential, will run TV ads on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the Golf Channel, ESPN and the Food Network, among other outlets, through May 30.


Mark Schoeff Jr.
March 29, 2021