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New CFP Ad Campaign Unveiled

By Karen DeMasters March 29, 2021 Financial Advisor

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards has launched its latest public awareness campaign with a new round of advertisements covering a variety of media sources, the board announced Monday.

The campaign this year will focus on a heterosexual couple, known as Cal and Val, because that is the ad that resonated with mass affluent investors in past years, the board said. In other years, since the campaign was begun in 2018, there also have been ads featuring a single woman and a lesbian couple. The campaign is based on research conducted by Heart + Mind Strategies.

Research by Heart + Mind showed that consumers who work with a CFP® professional feel more confident, optimistic, secure and at ease with their financial planning, the board said. The ads focus on retirement planning, which is the top financial planning concern for many of those seeking advice.


Financial Advisor
Karen DeMasters
March 29, 2021