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Learn about Lauryn

Lauryn Williams, CFP®, is the first American woman to have won medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games. Her path to CFP® certification is as inspiring as her athletic accomplishments.

Following a stellar collegiate career in track and field, Lauryn Williams received a lucrative athletic contract. She wanted to make responsible financial decisions for her future but didn’t know where to begin. Unfortunately, her first experiences with financial advisors were largely negative—she lost both money and growth potential.

Having learned the hard way, Lauryn started educating herself about financial planning. She knew nothing about the profession but wanted to help people who struggled with the same financial issues she had endured.

While interning at a firm with CFP® professionals, she admired the integrity with which they served clients and the knowledge they had. Recognizing that CFP® certification was key to her professional success, she took the CFP® exam in 2013 but did not pass. She tried again in 2015 with the same result. Undeterred, Lauryn committed herself in the same way she focused on achieving her athletic goals, and in 2017 she passed the exam.

“The keys are perseverance and persistence,” she says. “You’ll have rough days, but you keep showing up.”

Today, Lauryn provides comprehensive financial planning primarily to former athletes and young professionals. She sees her role as both an advisor and educator, and wants to help her clients understand how their money works.

"CFP® certification is a worthwhile journey. You’ll have the chance to work with people from your community with diverse backgrounds and education. Helping people is the best part of the work."

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