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CFP® Certification: For Employers

How We Work with Employers

We work with firms, large and small, across the country to support and grow their CFP® professionals. We can help support your efforts to build a diverse pipeline of talent, increase the number of CFP® professionals at your firm and institutionalize a culture of financial planning.


Build a Diverse Pipeline of Talent

We will work with you to help strengthen your pipeline of diverse talent. With access to more than 100,000 CFP® professionals, our Career Center, and relationships with over 200 schools and universities, CFP Board can help connect you with diverse individuals seeking careers in the financial services industry.

Increase the Number of CFP® Professionals at Your Firm

Consumers who work with a CFP® professional are more satisfied than consumers who work with a financial planner who is not certified. We can help you grow your firm's number of CFP® professionals. 

Hold a Growth Campaign

Firms have seen great success partnering with us on growth campaigns. We can support your efforts to grow the number of CFP® professionals at your firm.

Help Your Advisors Get Certified Faster

Consider incorporating the experience requirement into your advisor training  or learn how existing designations such as CFA®, CLU® and ChFC® can streamline CFP® certification.

Foster a Culture of Planning

Comprehensive financial planning adoption across all business models continues to grow. According to Cerulli Associates’ 2017 Advisor Metrics, between 2013 and 2017, the percentage of advisors’ clients who received comprehensive financial planning services increased from less than a third to nearly half.


Additional Ways We Work with Employers

We can connect you with the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, to work jointly to create a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession. Together we can work toward strengthening the talent pipeline, increasing diversity and inclusion, and conducting research to guide practice.

Visit The Center for Financial Planning

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If you're working to increase financial planning at your firm  whether through convincing leadership or increasing planning adoption by advisors  we can help. Learn how we can work together by contacting Joseph Maugeri, CFP®, Managing Director of Corporate Relations, at 202-379-2254, or via email below.

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