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Taking the Exam

Once seated, you may progress through the exam at your own pace. You will be provided basic instructions at the onset, and your exam time will be counted starting when the first exam question is presented.

You will have two 3-hour test sessions separated by a scheduled 40-minute break. An exam clock is available to allow you to monitor the time remaining. Please note that you will not be able to review or alter answers from section one of the exam during or after the 40-minute break.

During the exam you have the ability to highlight text and mark questions for later review. To assure familiarity with the computer interface and functionality, you can complete a sample online quiz in advance of exam day. This sample test demo is available at no cost.

Break Time

Your 40-minute break will begin upon completion of all questions in section one, or when time expires – whichever occurs first. Be sure to return to your workstation before the 40-minute break time ends. Timing of the second session will begin at the completion of the 40-minute break, even if you have not yet returned to your seat. Time adjustments will not be made for candidates who return later than the 40-minute break.

You may also take unscheduled breaks. However, the exam clock continues during unscheduled breaks. Electronic fingerprints will be used to document each time you leave and return to the exam room.

Ending the Exam

If additional time remains after all exam questions have been answered for section two, you may review that section and make any desired changes until time expires.

If desired, you may submit your exam for scoring before time has expired. Upon submitting the exam, you will be asked “Are you sure you want to submit your exam for scoring?” Once validated, the exam session will end and you cannot return to view the exam.

After Exam Completion

You will be presented with a brief survey when you end the exam. After completing the exam, you will receive your preliminary pass/fail result from Prometric through email. You will then exit the exam room and report to the proctor. Final test results, once verified by CFP Board, are provided to candidates approximately four weeks after the close of the testing window.

Candidate Conduct and Exam Security

You are expected to conduct yourself in an ethical manner before, during and after the CFP® Certification Examination. Actions such as, but not limited to, using any prohibited aids in connection with the exam (including violations of the Calculator Policy), attempting to give or receive assistance, or to otherwise communicate in any form with another person about the exam during the exam administration, will result in investigation by an independent entity and/or CFP Board. In some cases, CFP Board may take disciplinary action, if appropriate.

All candidates are required to accept the Pathway to Certification Agreement when they register for the examination. Before taking the exam you will be required to sign a CFP® Certification Examination Pledge indicating that you understand that you are prohibited from sharing exam questions with any entity other than CFP Board. Revealing questions may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, monetary restitution, being permanently barred from taking any CFP Board exam or prosecution under copyright law. If any individual or entity (including a review course provider or academic program) asks you to reveal contents of the examination, please report the incident to CFP Board.

Accepting the Pathway to Certification Agreement and the CFP® Certification Examination Pledge is a commitment to behaving ethically before, during, and after the exam.

Pathway to Certification Agreement

CFP® Certification Exam Pledge


If CFP Board or the exam proctors find reason to believe that you are involved in examination misconduct or any other testing irregularity that could compromise the integrity of the exam, your exam may not be scored, the exam fee may be forfeited, and you may be barred from taking future CFP Board examinations.

Exam Integrity Tip Line

CFP Board's confidential, toll-free Exam Integrity Tip Line – 1-855-EXAMTIP or 1-855-392-6847 – is available for reporting any type of exam-related security issue or misconduct. You can also email to report exam-related security issues or misconduct.