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As you begin the path to CFP® certification, you may have questions about how to finance your coursework. We can help with some financial resources and opportunities.


"I am forever grateful for the scholarship enabling me to pursue my passions and to begin a career in a field with such meaningful impact."

Summer Parry
Associate Advisor, Rock House Financial
2022 Diesslin Scholar

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning administers scholarship programs that assist individuals aspiring to become a CFP® professional with completing the education and exam requirements for CFP® certification.

These scholarships are supported by the generous donations of sponsors and donors who realize the benefit of creating a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession. Each scholarship has different requirements, application processes and deadlines to follow in order to be eligible for consideration.

In addition, we are pleased to provide a clearinghouse of third-party scholarships offered across the financial planning profession to make it easy for aspiring CFP® professionals to find and take advantage of programs for which they are eligible. 

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The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning is pleased to provide a clearinghouse of third-party scholarships offered across the financial planning profession to make it easy for candidates seeking to attain CFP® certification to find and take advantage of programs for which they are eligible.

The clearinghouse includes scholarship programs that help cover the cost of the following:

  • Education coursework for CFP® certification
  • CFP® exam
  • CFP® exam review course

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Colleges and universities with CFP Board Registered Programs in financial planning also offer scholarship programs. Remember to inquire within the institution about the assistance they can provide as you explore financial planning programs.

Additionally, many financial services firms value and support CFP® certification. They often encourage their employees to become certified and will offer reimbursement for coursework related to achieving CFP® certification. We encourage you to explore what support your firm offers.

If you are a military veteran, you can explore options such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for a CFP® certification program. 

Doing some research into scholarship or reimbursement options can help you in planning how to approach the financing of your coursework for CFP® certification.

Scholar Stories

Since the launch of our first scholarship program in 2016, the Center has awarded 360 scholarships totaling over $1,600,000 to aspiring CFP® professionals.

These scholarships make a meaningful impact on each recipient's educational and professional journey. Several scholars recently shared their personal stories with the Center, explaining what their scholarship meant to them and why they decided to become a CFP® professional. 

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OUR Scholarship Awardees

With the support of sponsors and donors, the Center is proud to recognize and congratulate the most recent scholarship recipients. Each scholar is on the path to CFP® certification. We celebrate their achievement and commitment to the financial planning profession.

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