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Internships can launch your career in personal financial planning by providing industry experience, career paths and job opportunities. The CFP Board Career Center lists internship opportunities that can get you started.

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Launch Your Career

An internship can be a great starting point for your career in the financial planning profession. Help clients build their financial future, while you build your own career path. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or looking to change careers, an internship offers many benefits, including:

  • Increasing your industry knowledge.
  • Learn about different roles and responsibilities within a firm.
  • Gaining valuable real-world work experience.
  • Defining your career path and goals.
  • Making professional connections.
  • Aligning yourself for job opportunities within the firm.

Internships  and the connections you make through them — can lead to job opportunities, accelerate your career and boost your earning potential.

Find an Internship


Tips for Finding an Internship

  • The websites of major firms often have a career section that lists available opportunities, including internships.
  • Search job boards to see what’s out there. The CFP Board Career Center lists internship opportunities, plus resources for those seeking jobs and internships.
  • CFP Board also offers valuable connections through online Career Fairs promoted through our Career Center — as well as return-to-work internships through the Career Center.

Find an Internship

Start your journey to CFP® Certification

  • Track your progress with the CFP® Certification Tracker
  • Post your resume at the Career Center
  • Connect with a mentor who can guide you
  • Register and prepare for the exam
  • Find career and financial support
  • Connect with other candidates at our online forum