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This online survey of CFP® professionals, conducted September-October 2023, offers insights into their perceptions of their careers and CFP® certification as well as CFP Board’s initiatives.


  • Satisfaction with financial planning careers remains high: 87% are satisfied with their career choice.
  • CFP® professionals value CFP® certification: 89% are satisfied with their decision to pursue CFP® certification.
  • CFP® professionals strongly believe in the value of CFP® certification for financial professionals: 87% would recommend CFP® certification to a colleague.
  • 2 in 3 CFP® professionals contribute back to their communities, including:
    - Giving advice on how to contribute time or money to charitable organizations, and
    - Serving on the board or as an advisor to charitable organizations.
  • CFP® professionals say CFP Board’s most important initiatives are upholding both competency standards and high ethical standards, along with raising awareness and brand profile of the CFP® certification.


Note on Survey Methodology: The 2023 survey is part of a regular survey series of CFP® professionals. The 2022 survey also was conducted online by Heart+Mind Strategies. Fondulas Strategic Research collected the data prior to 2022 using telephone surveys. The newer online survey methodology allows CFP® professionals to respond at their convenience and on their chosen device (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop), leading to improved response rates. As a result of the methodology change, 2022 & 2023 data are not directly comparable to data collected in 2021 and before.