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The CFP Board Mentor Program connects candidates who plan to sit for the CFP® exam, with CFP® professionals who can share their knowledge and experience of passing the CFP® exam

Mentoring helps candidates focus on time management, study strategy, staying motivated, dealing with work/life balance, and more. Relationships are designed to last four months, beginning at exam registration and ending after the exam has been taken. Mentors and mentees are expected to connect in person or virtually at least three times throughout this period.

We will provide support and resources to help guide you through your mentoring relationship with your mentee. Your support, advice, and experience could make all the difference to someone who is preparing for the exam.

You can enroll as a mentor at any time by completing your online profile. Instructions for enrolling are on CFP Board’s Mentor Program website.  

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The Value of Mentoring:


“My mentor...shares my professional credentials, so she understands my career path and my path to CFP® certification. Her willingness to mentor me has been invaluable! She has given me advice on the exam, as well as guidance about my career in the financial planning industry.”

- Laura Boedges, CFP®, Wealth Advisor

The CFP Board Mentor Program is an expansion of the successful WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program. In 2016, CFP Board launched the WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program to connect aspiring female CFP® professionals with established CFP® professionals for guidance and support as they pursue their careers in financial planning and their CFP® certification. In its first two years, the WIN-to-WIN program led to more than 1,600 engagements between mentors and mentees that have provided candidates with invaluable information on the certification process.

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