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Advisory Bodies

The Center’s work in each of our three focus areas — Talent Pipeline, Diversity and Inclusion, and Knowledge for Practice — is guided by a group of advisory bodies composed of some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders from within and outside the financial planning profession. Members of these advisory bodies play an important role in setting the Center’s agenda and shaping its programming.

The Center's Advisory Council, created in 2016, is the overarching advisory body for the Center. It provides thought leadership, related to the Center’s mission and priorities and makes recommendations concerning the Center’s programmatic initiatives, including the need for particular initiatives, the prioritization of proposed initiatives and the measurements for the success of initiatives that have been implemented. Advisory Council members are leaders in the profession, subject matter experts, key patrons or academicians who possess experience relevant to the Center’s mission, personal financial planning or the financial services industry.

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The Center's Development Committee is composed of key advocates who provide strategic guidance and support in raising the necessary funds to implement the Center's programming. The work of the Development Committee ensures the growth and sustainability of the Center's programmatic initiatives and fosters meaningful relationships with our generous sponsors and donors. Working in close collaboration with the committee, the Capital Campaign has successfully secured key corporate sponsorships and individual contributions from more than 3,200 companies and individuals, totaling over $12 million in commitments.

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In 2013, CFP Board created the WIN Council, comprised of experts in the areas of women’s issues, diversity and recruitment, as well as leaders from financial planning and advisory firms and CFP Board-Registered Programs. The WIN Council advises and assists in the development of initiatives to increase the number of women entering the financial planning profession, including the number of women CFP® professionals. In 2015, WIN became a Center initiative and since then has played an important role in developing key Center programs, including WIN Advocates and the WIN-to-WIN Mentorship Program, as well as partnerships with organizations such as Invest in Girls, Forté Foundation and Rock the Street, Wall Street.

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In 2017, the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning formed its Diversity Advisory Group to assist in the development of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives designed to increase the number of racially and ethnically diverse CFP® professionals. Diversity Advisory Group members possess experience or talents aligned with the Center’s mission, including expertise and/or leadership in the areas of diversity and recruitment, experience working as a personal financial planner or in the financial services industry, or academia. 

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Formed in 2017, the Workforce Development Advisory Group is responsible for driving the Center’s efforts to improve the health of the talent pipeline by attracting and developing the next generation of financial planners. The group is composed of experts on talent acquisition and retention, leaders from financial services firms, heads of CFP Board Registered Programs, and outside experts and researchers.

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