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About the Scholarship 

Through its Diversity Initiative, Dalton Education is seeking to bolster the number of educated and credentialed minority individuals in the financial planning field by helping career changers and new-to-the-field professionals attain CFP® certification. Launched in partnership between Dalton Education and the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, the Dalton Education Scholarship covers the full cost of the CFP® Exam Review course provided by Dalton Education.

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be registered to take the July 2023 CFP® exam, meet eligibility criteria and successfully complete the application form. Dalton Education will award scholarships to July 2023 CFP® exam takers on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified applicants who are not already enrolled in an exam review course offered by Dalton Education.

about the course

The Dalton Review® includes:

  • Pre-study workbook and lectures
  • 36 hours of live targeted review instruction
  • 2,500-question test bank
  • Predictive assessments
  • 6 simulated exams

eligibility requirements

  • Must be registered for the July 2023 CFP® exam at the time the scholarship application is submitted 
  • Must not be already enrolled in a CFP® exam review course offered by Dalton Education
  • Must be a U.S. resident
  • Must be from an underrepresented population within the financial planning profession in terms of gender, race or ethnicity, AND/OR a military veteran or a spouse of a military veteran
  • Must confirm to not have received any other CFP® exam review course reimbursement
  • Must pass a background check conducted by CFP Board

submission requirements

Applications will only be accepted through the application form below. Please do not attempt to submit application materials via mail, fax or email. When submitting application materials, please pay close attention to what is required.

award process

Following the application review, awards will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and successfully complete the application. After receiving the award, recipients will be provided with instructions for enrolling in the review course at no cost.

Application Window

The application window will be open until April 23, 2023.

Award Decision

Scholarship recipients will be notified of the award decision via email by April 28, 2023. If you have a question about the status of your application, please contact us at


CFP Board Account Number (if you don’t have a CFP Board account, click here to create one)

CFP® Exam Registration

You must be registered for the July 2023 CFP® exam before applying for this scholarship or your application will be disqualified.

Enter the date you registered for the July 2023 CFP® exam:

CFP® Exam Prep Review Course Enrollment

You must not be already enrolled in a CFP® exam review course offered by Dalton Education.

Are you currently enrolled in a CFP® Exam Prep Review course offered by Dalton Education?
Ethnicity (select all that apply):
Are you a military veteran or a spouse of a military veteran?

Background Check Acknowledgement

By submitting this form, I give permission to CFP Board to run a background check if I am selected to proceed to the final round of the scholarship selection process.

CFP Board will evaluate scholarship applicants against the Fitness Standards that apply to those who are applying for CFP® certification ( CFP Board will review the scholarship applicant’s background pursuant to the same process that CFP Board reviews applications for CFP® certification. If CFP Board discovers information that would subject the scholarship applicant to an investigation if the scholarship applicant were an applicant for CFP® certification, then CFP Board will deny the scholarship application. The fact that an individual receives a scholarship does not guarantee that the individual will satisfy CFP Board’s Fitness Standards when the individual later applies for CFP® certification.