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This survey of CFP® professionals, conducted in December 2015-January 2016, offers you insights on CFP® professionals’ perceptions of the CFP® certification, CFP Board’s initiatives and the service they receive from CFP Board.

Key findings include:

  • Satisfaction with financial planning careers remains high: 90% are very satisfied with their career choice
  • CFP® professionals value CFP® certification: 91% are strongly satisfied with their decision to pursue CFP® certification
  • CFP® professionals strongly believe in the value of CFP® certification for financial professionals: 91% would recommend CFP® certification
  • CFP® professionals strongly believe in the importance of CFP Board’s priorities and initiatives
  • CFP® professionals agree that the service from CFP Board meets their expectations

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93% of CFP® professionals surveyed in 2015 rate CFP Board's priorities of building and promoting the CFP® certification brand and of enforcing standards for use of CFP® certification as “very important.”