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Holding both CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation equips you to offer a more detailed, comprehensive approach to the services you provide – helping you serve your clients better, while enhancing your career opportunities.

Not only can you focus on specific investment details that your clients may need, but you'll become educated and experienced in all areas of the personal financial planning process.

This will reduce or eliminate your need to outsource part of the financial planning process to another professional who specializes in comprehensive financial planning, and you will continue to build strong individual client relationships.

How CFP® Certification Differs from the CFA®

Thousands of CFP® professionals have indicated they also hold the CFA®  designation. While there is some overlap between the two credentials, they have different focus areas. A CFP® professional focuses on helping individuals with their personal investments, whereas a CFA® charter holder generally specializes in selecting investments for institutional investors.

Both credentials are widely recognized in the financial services industry, but CFP® certification is the standard of excellence in personal financial planning. It signifies that you are trained and experienced in comprehensive financial planning that helps your clients chart a course for a secure future.

For those who already hold the CFA® designation, earning CFP® certification makes you more attractive to employers and clients alike. Holding both designations demonstrates that you're committed to serving your clients, and that you offer added expertise and specialization in your profession.

Are you a CFA®?

If so, you can take advantage of the Accelerated Path to CFP® certification. You will be eligible to sit for the CFP® examination immediately after completing a Capstone course through a CFP Board Registered Program.

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