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Start your Accelerated Path to CFP® certification to create a more complete picture of your client’s financial well-being.
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Holding both the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license enables you to expand your services beyond a once-a-year, tax-centered approach.

Becoming a CFP® professional means you're a trusted, credible partner who can address your clients' short- and long-term financial goals, while rounding out your income streams all year long.

How CFP® Certification Differs from the CPA

While both credentials are widely recognized in the financial services industry, CFP® certification is the standard of excellence in personal financial planning. It signifies that you are trained and experienced in comprehensive financial planning that helps your clients chart a course for a secure future.

"The biggest reason to get CFP® certification was so that clients would stop thinking of me as just the tax guy, just the CPA.”

– Andrew K. Laslie, CFP®, CPA

Thousands of CFP® professionals have indicated they also hold a CPA license. Being able to place both credentials after your name isn't just attractive to clients. It also shows employers your high level of commitment to serving clients by offering expertise and specialization within your profession.

Are you a CPA?

If so, you can take advantage of the Accelerated Path to CFP® certification. You will be eligible to sit for the CFP® examination immediately after completing a Capstone course through a CFP Board Registered Program.

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