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Appeals Commission

The Appeals Commission is responsible for the adjudication of appeal hearings.

Business Model Council

The Business Model Council advises on the effect our standards have on different business models of firms that employ CFP® professionals.

Commission on Sanctions and Fitness

The Commission on Sanctions and Fitness is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to CFP Board’s Sanction Guidelines and Fitness Standards.

Competency Standards Commission

The Competency Standards Commission is tasked with validating current requirements to obtain and maintain CFP® certification and/or recommending changes for improvements that reinforce its value and relevance to the financial planning profession.

Council on Education

The Council on Education advises CFP Board staff on the development and clarification of all educational policies related to CFP® certification.

Council on Examinations

The Council on Examinations serves as primary subject matter experts for the CFP® Certification Examination and provides us with recommendations regarding the development, administration and scoring of the exam.

Disciplinary and Ethics Commission

The Disciplinary and Ethics Commission is responsible for reviewing and taking appropriate action with respect to alleged violations of our ethics and standards.

Public Policy Council

The Public Policy Council advises our CEO on public policy issues that affect our Board, CFP® professionals and members of the public.

Standards Resource Commission

The Standards Resource Commission helps develop resources to provide guidance to CFP® professionals and their firms on CFP Board’s new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

WIN Council

The WIN Council advises and assists us on the development of initiatives to increase the number of women entering the financial planning profession, including the number of women CFP® professionals.

What's expected of council and commission members?

Members of our councils and commissions must represent CFP Board in good standing and be active, full participants on their committee, which will include meeting in-person and by conference call as required.

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