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Because Council and Commission members are chosen to serve, in part, based on their unique background and perspective, it is essential that they commit to active, full participant in the processes that are central to the role of the group on which they serve. CFP Board’s mission is based on serving the public interest, so it is essential that each volunteer places the public interest ahead of their own interests when volunteering with CFP Board.

Supporting CFP Board by volunteering your time, talent and energy can reap multiple personal and professional rewards.  Past volunteers will attest to the benefits they have received, including:

  • An opportunity to give back to a profession that impacts families and communities for years to come;
  • A sense of relevancy in a forum where each voice is heard and respected; 
  • Extensive peer-to-peer personal and professional development;
  • A chance to build a national network of some of the best and brightest minds in financial planning; and
  • Experience as a volunteer with a national non-profit organization.

In return for these benefits and more, we ask that volunteers understand and abide by the following expectations:

  • Be responsive to communications and requests from CFP Board;
  • Attend meetings prepared and ready to discuss issues on the agenda; 
  • Engage in respectful discussion with your volunteer and staff colleagues;
  • Remain informed of the current business of your respective Council or Commission and to be involved in its processes; and
  • Remain in good standing in your respective communities.

Volunteer groups may meet in person up to three times per year and by conference call as needed. CFP Board covers travel expenses associated with volunteer service.

Social occasions, such as dinners with other members, are scheduled and budgeted as an integral part of each meeting to provide an opportunity for networking and building rapport with fellow volunteers and staff. The benefits to CFP Board of these experiences are great, so we ask that members make every effort to attend these events as well as the meetings.


Express Interest to Participate in a Council or Commission